7 Underrated Instagram Hacks - So Easy It Feels Like Magic

In the captivating realm of social media, where every post is a spell waiting to be cast, Instagram is the platform that stands out as the mystical canvas for modern-day sorcery. In this enchanting journey, we'll unveil seven underrated Instagram hacks—so easy, they feel like magic.

Picture this article as a grimoire of digital enchantments. These hacks are not elusive secrets guarded by mythical creatures. Instead, they're accessible spells awaiting your command.

Hack 1: The Alchemy of Captivating Captions

Captions are the magic words that breathe life into your visuals. Learn the art of spellbinding storytelling in a few lines. Each caption should be a potion, leaving your audience craving for more. Always try to discover the alchemy of words. From invoking curiosity to casting a laughter spell, explore how your captions can make your content truly enchanting.

If you happen to check out Shopify's Instagram, you will see that they have master the art of making captions. This particular post is smart, relatable, and direct and the engagement shows why people can easily respond to it. No need for creative wordplays just be what your audience would like you to be.

Hack 2: Illusionary Filters and Effects

Unravel the secrets of Instagram's lesser-known filters. Transform mundane photos into mystical masterpieces, adding a touch of enchantment to your visual storytelling. Take time to master the art of illusion with effects. Elevate your content with subtle enhancements, making your posts stand out in the crowded realm of social media.

Although there has been a lot of Instagram filters and effects that emerged outside of the platform, the all-time favorite filter remains Clarendon, the default tool most users go to when it comes to enhancing colors. Brands create their own AR filters and effects to drive in more engagement and one these is the NBA - the world’s most popular basketball league and its 30 affiliated teams have been on the cutting edge of social media with their highly-interactive AR storyboards.

Hack 3: Enchanted Engagement Strategies

Engagement is the life force of any social media account. Learn unconventional strategies to spark interaction and turn your audience into active participants. Transform your ordinary posts into magical experiences. From quizzes to interactive polls, discover how to captivate your audience's attention and keep them spellbound.

Some brands create interactive polls to let their users make a collective decision thereby making them part of the creative process in the development of new products, service, or user experience. 

In this particular poll, there's no right answer even though it can be highly divisive. In Australia, Nestle wanted to know if you go for hot or cold Milo. It’s a simple question yet it became a highly engaging topic in the country. In the end, team Cold won and it gave the brand great insights on the collective consumer preference.

Hack 4: Potion Crafting with Hashtags

Unlock the full potential of hashtags. Craft powerful potions that increase visibility and draw the right audience to your mystical realm. When you're exploring the art of hashtag potion crafting, consider tailoring your tags to align with your brand's essence, ensuring your content is discovered by those seeking unique magical experiences.

Think about hashtags as a bookmark that collate similar content and brands can take over it they get as much content that drives engagement. Smaller brands need to find the best hashtags that best describe them and the marketing strategy they run. At Swarna, we embraced #StrategicMagic as one of our signature hashtag.

Hack 5: Spellbinding Story Highlights

Your Instagram profile is a magical book of spells. Learn how to use story highlights creatively, turning your profile into a captivating journey for your followers. Make your stories into specific chapters for your spellbinding adventures. Organize your highlights strategically, enticing your followers to explore the depths of your magical world.

Just like hashtags, story highlights can be seen as a bookmark for similar themed Instagram story for your brand. You can see it as something as subfeed for your followers looking for specific aspects of your brand. As for us, you can see highlights of the works that we did in this particular story.

Hack 6: Sorcery of Consistent Branding

A cohesive brand aesthetic is like your magic wand that casts a spell of recognition. Dive into the significance of maintaining a consistent and enchanting brand image. Don't forget to discover practical tips for effortlessly maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Keep the magic alive by weaving consistency into every post.

Make sure that you remain as consistent in your website as well as your social media platforms. That means, the look and feel of your content should be the same at all times with the proper color scheme, optimized logo sizes, and specific message voice and tone.

Hack 7: Levitating Link Tricks

Unlock the secrets of link placements on Instagram. Overcome the platform's limitations and discover magical ways to drive traffic to your desired destinations. Whether it's the short link you insert on your stories or the mini landing page link you put on your profile.

Explore creative link strategies that defy gravity. Learn how to make your links float seamlessly within your content, ensuring your audience is effortlessly transported to the magical realms of your website or blog.

Final Words

As we conclude this enchanting journey, reflect on the spells you've learned. From captivating captions to levitating link tricks, you now possess the keys to Instagram sorcery.

The grimoire is in your hands. Take these enchanting hacks and infuse your Instagram presence with magic. Let your content sparkle and glow, leaving your audience spellbound in the captivating realm of social media sorcery. The journey to digital enchantment begins now!

At Swarna, we help brands unleash the full potential of Instagram in their brand strategies and marketing campaigns.

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At Swarna, we help brands unleash the full potential of Instagram in their brand strategies and marketing campaigns.

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