Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

KitaCakap is a language learning startup based in Indonesia that sets out to address the growing demand for effective and accessible language education. As a tech-driven platform, they aimed to offer personalized, interactive, and efficient language learning experiences to a diverse audience. They offer a variety of foreign language courses, including English, Japanese, and Korean. The platform offers live online, self-paced, offline and hybrid courses.

Apart from language learning, they also offer consulting services focused on talent, organizational, and business growth. Their language preparation and job placement programs are useful for Indonesians who are looking to study or work abroad.

The Challenge

KitaCakap faced the challenge of transforming the traditional language learning landscape by making it engaging, accessible, and effective for learners of all ages and backgrounds. They have to create a platform that also fosters cultural exchange and a sense of community among learners.

The Solution

Swarna has teamed up KitaCakap by helping them design and develop a comprehensive language learning platform. That means, completely rebranding their platform from the ground up.

We focused on enhancing user engagement through gamification, interactive lessons, and culturally-immersive content. Additionally, our marketing strategy emphasized the importance of community building and peer interaction to enrich the learning experience. We helped them improve their brand awareness and sales through combined efforts in SEO, social media management, and paid advertising.

The Outcome

KitaCakap successfully revolutionized the language learning landscape in Indonesia. With their rebranded platform, we have breathe new life into their digital presence and enabling them to better connect with their target audience. Thanks to their user-centric platform and vibrant community, KitaCakap witnessed significant growth in their user base.

We have significantly increased its website traffic by 3.5K% compared to the previous year before the rebranding took place. Their social media followers has grown by around 280% since we started. By November 2023, we have successfully generated over 500 high-quality leads in a single month with a remarkably efficient budget. The cost per lead for this campaign is 1 SGD per lead (the benchmark for CPL in the education industry is 8-18 SGD).

The case study showcases how innovative technology, thoughtful design, and a strong community-driven approach can disrupt and enhance traditional education models. Their journey exemplifies the potential for personalized and engaging language learning in a digital age, fostering cultural exchange and breaking down language barriers.

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