Happy Soju

Social Media Engagement

Happy Soju, a new entrant in the spirits industry, aimed to create a unique brand experience by introducing traditional Korean soju to the Indonesian market. In a market saturated with various alcoholic beverages, Happy Soju has to differentiate itself and communicate the essence of Korean soju to an Indonesian audience.

The Challenge

It faced a particularly unique set of challenges as Happy Soju tries to gain a foothold of the market - the COVID pandemic and the alcohol policy restrictions. With their inability to promote its usual party-time persona, they have find new ways to connect with their audience.

Their challenge was twofold: to distinguish themselves in a competitive industry dominated by established brands and to educate consumers about the history, craftsmanship, and distinct flavors of Korean soju. They needed a brand identity that celebrated authenticity, cultural heritage, and craftsmanship, setting them apart from the competition.

The Solution

Swarna collaborated with Happy Soju to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our solution involved creating a brand identity that emphasized the traditional roots and artisanal quality of Korean soju. We utilized content marketing, social media engagement, and storytelling to connect with consumers on a cultural and emotional level. By sharing the unique history and production processes, we aimed to educate the audience while kindling their curiosity and appreciation for Korean soju.

We also identified an opportunity by recognizing that Koreans not only enjoy soju during celebrations but also during relaxing moments at home, which aligns with the lockdown vibe. Furthermore, the K-wave phenomenon sweeping Indonesia showcased soju as a stress-reliever and a companion for unwinding, particularly in K-dramas. To adapt to this shift in consumer behavior, we decided to rebrand Happy Soju as a stress-reliever and a drink to enjoy after a long day, like the characters in your favorite K-dramas.

The Outcome

Happy Soju successfully established itself as a distinctive player in the spirits industry, celebrating the rich heritage of Korean soju. The case study highlights how a strategic brand identity and digital marketing approach can help a new entrant carve a niche in a competitive market.

This new positioning resonated with our audience, resulting in a significant increase in our Instagram following, with total of 17.5K followers from October 2021 to November 2023. Additionally, our newly launched TikTok account gained 3.0k followers since its launch in February 2023, demonstrating a great success.

Happy Soju's journey serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and cultural connection in the world of branding, as they brought an authentic Korean tradition to an Indonesian audience and garnered appreciation for the craftsmanship behind this beloved spirit.

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